Alan Young (Al)
With 10 years of Long Term Care and Medicare Supplement Insurance Experience including 3 1/2 years with Aetna Medicare division, Al brings experience and customer service expertise to help seniors with Part D and other supplemental Insurance needs.

C. Joseph Bailey (Joe)
Joe bring with him 16 years of Insurance and Financial services experience. As a founding partner Joe's role includes consulting with clients, reviewing new supplemental insurance options, plus development, improvement and the simplification of the Part D, and Medicare Supplemental insurance enrollment and advice process.

Judith Field (Judi)
Judi has over 14 years of insurance experience including disability insurance, catastrophic coverage including cancer insurance, medical and other supplemental insurance responsibilities. Judi's unique experience brings great value to the organization and to her customers as many inquire about additional coverage to supplement Part D and catastrophic insurance to cover other unforeseen expenses that a beneficiary might encounter. 
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2017 Part d plans
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2017 Medicare Part D Plans
Part D plans require more than just premiums and drug research. 
In 2017 the Senior Advisors Group is available to provide advice and personal consultation on Part D plans. As a bonus we can tell you the lowest cost Medicare supplemental Insurance plans from one of our 40 top brands.

For those so inclined we provide the tools to do your research, or get assistance from one of our Part D, and/or supplemental insurance advisors.
Click here to request a call from an  advisor or (click here) to do it own your own.

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We look forward to assisting you!