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SilverScript 2017
SilverScript is now one of the nation's largest Part D Sponsors and the SilverScript Choice plan has maintained a $0 deductible for ALL drug tiers over the last four years. With the part D deductible in 2016 at $360 and now CMS announced it will be 
$400 in 2017. 

Do you want to pay a monthly premium plus a deductible before receiving prescription drug coverage? See the 2016 Summary of Benefits

SilverSscript's 2016 Choice plan not only has a $0 deductible but it also has a premium that's below the national average (benchmark) in most states. 

Not every Part D plan fits every individual and the SilverScript plan MAY NOT be the best choice despite its low premium and zero deductible. To be sure you want to have ALL of your medications including name (Generic if generic) dosage, frequency, and how many tablets you take daily (Or every 30 days).

Once you have this information call our 877-734-4043 and one of our advisors will review SilverScript copays and determine if this plan will fit your needs. 

Silverscript Part D 2017
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Silverscript Part D 2017
SilverScript Part D 2017
Silverscript Part D 2017
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Silverscript Part D 2017
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